资金 Opportunity: Infusing 股本 into Built Environment for Better Health


这个融资机会旨在支持建筑环境的资本投资,例如游乐场, parks and outdoor spaces – across Colorado that allow children, youth and families to engage in physical activity more regularly. This funding opportunity prioritizes communities living on low income, communities of color and rural communities in Colorado.

有兴趣申请资助的机构可透过两种途径之一申请资助:规划补助金或已准备就绪的项目. 优秀的申请者将展示社区是如何——或将如何——以平等为中心参与的, 社区驱动的设计(ECCD)过程将他们聚集在一起,创造反映社区历史的户外空间, culture and legacy.

ECCD过程强调一个社区的文化资本,同时评估和解决需要发生什么来创造持久的变化. 要消除系统性压迫,就必须认识到,受不平等影响最大的人最有能力解决这些问题. Every community member is a valuable contributor to this process. 然而,ECCD过程要求任何社区中最年轻的成员都是创造者.

因此, 社区将被要求证明其ECCD过程涉及以下四个支柱:

  • 股本
  • Humility-Building
  • Integrating 历史 and Healing Practices
  • Addressing Power Dynamics

了解更多 about the ECCD approach we are asking participating communities to adopt if awarded.

Proposed program and/or projects must reflect the Foundation’s cornerstones. These outline who we serve, how our work is informed and our intent to create 卫生公平.

有问题? 我们在这里讨论您的想法,并鼓励您在申请资助前与我们联系. If you’re not already connected with a program officer, please reach out to us by email or phone at 303-953-3600.

Si necesita acceder la solicitud de fondos en español, por favor contáctenos a grants@golden-nation.com

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有问题? Contact your Program Officer for more information.

Interested applicants can apply for funding through one of two pathways:

  1. 计划资助: Funds up to $25,000 can be used to support and engage in the ECCD process at varying levels of readiness. 计划资助 may include meeting space, stipends for community members, administrative cost, 材料, 等. 技术援助(TA)也包括在需要时支持您通过ECCD流程. 助教的费用将与规划拨款拨款分开支付.
  2. Shovel-ready projects: Funds – ranging from $250,000 to $700,000 -可用于具有先进规划阶段的项目,可在短时间内开始施工. Shovel-ready applicants must demonstrate that the project is an equity-centered, community-created and comprehensive plan, including activation and long-term maintenance requirements. The Foundation can help identify TA providers if needed, 并将考虑在个案基础上支持已准备就绪的项目的助教费用.

To be considered for funding, communities must meet the following criteria:

  • 对齐的 Foundation’s cornerstones that advance our efforts to bring health in reach for all Coloradans.
  • 设计和建造高需求区域的公共空间,服务于所有年龄段的个人, inclusive of those with physical and/or developmental disabilities, 为代际活动和共享空间创造通道,激发创造力,鼓励体育活动.
  • Commitment to building intergenerational spaces that encourage physical activity, socialization and strengthen community building. Projects may include age-specific segments, with considerations for those living with physical and/or developmental disabilities, to the design as appropriate, such as playgrounds. 如在学校场地,该空间必须在非学校时间向公众开放.

Preference will be given to communities with programs/projects that are:

  • 在最近的学校为有色人种学生提供高于平均水平的入学服务和/或提供50%或以上的免费和优惠午餐.
  • Serving economically disadvantaged households.
  • Serving rural communities through an intergenerational approach that demonstrates:
    • 对公共空间和/或设施的需求,以充分服务最弱势的社区成员.
    • 需要更换现有的不安全或过时的设备在公共空间5英里内的一个已证实的社区中心, public location or space.

Examples of project elements and features we’re interested in funding:


  • Fixed infrastructure: Funds can be used to purchase non-movable tables and benches and tangible, 不动的, 适龄, outdoor play space equipment for diverse age groups, as well as necessary associated surfacing.
  • Playground markings: 资金可以用于支持将游戏区域和公共空间粉刷成五颜六色的费用, 吸引和刺激的游戏和活动模式,鼓励身体活动.
  • 标志Funds for signage must not exceed $2,500 and can be used to purchase 在公共空间内和周围安装清晰可识别的标识和信息,为游戏空间提供方向,并鼓励使用这些设备.
  • 激活: 总共2美元,其中000元预算可用于推广环保材料和举办环保活动, including a one-time groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Weather protection: Funds can be used to purchase structures for sun, rain and snow protection, including canopies and trees, to encourage intergenerational use year-round.
  • 设施: 资金 for amenities will be considered on a case by case basis. Funds can be used to build bathrooms and water fountains; construct sidewalks as needed so youth can bike or walk to the park or playground safely.


  • Freestanding equipment: Funds cannot be used for freestanding equipment such as balls, 蝙蝠, 网, 跳绳子, 降落伞, weights and other movable, non-stationary equipment that would require storage.
  • Competition courts and fields:资金不能用于建造特定运动项目(如足球)的比赛场地或游泳池, 长曲棍球, 垒球, 足球或游泳.



We often partner with third-party evaluators, 承包商和其他组织在我们与申请人和受资人的工作过程中. 您的申请及其附件可能会在审查过程和授予周期与这些个人或实体共享. 所有与伟德直营合作的第三方机构都已签署保密协议,并且不会将这些信息用于与基金申请或基金奖励相关的工作范围之外的目的. 如果您有任何疑问或想了解更多信息,请发送email至grants@golden-nation.com or call our senior director of Grantmaking Operations at 303-953-3600.

We encourage all applicants to 报名 在提交赠款申请前至少一周,在我们的赠款门户网站确认注册完成. Apply for funding by June 15, 2022.

Si necesita acceder la solicitud de fondos en español, por favor contáctenos a grants@golden-nation.com

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